Shorts for Curvy Girls – 62 Curated Shorts to Suit Every Body Type

Lots of curvy girls love the idea of shorts, but have a hard time wearing them, or don’t feel confident enough to show off their legs.

The biggest complaints that most women have about shorts is they are uncomfortable, or they are unflattering. The reason for these complaints is simple: you’re wearing the wrong style.

Shorts come in a variety of lengths and styles, and each one is made to flatter different parts of the body. Some women want to show off their legs, some want to minimize large thighs, and others want to create the illusion of long legs.

To help you get on the right track, we’ve compiled a list of the best shorts for thick thighs, body types and sizes.

Find out which styles will work best for your body with our color coded notes.

Bermuda (Knee-length)

Knee-length shorts are the most flattering for most body shapes. The key is to choose the best leg width for your shape.

Ladies with smaller thighs can easily wear fitted or relaxed shorts, while ladies who have thicker thighs will benefit from relaxed to wide leg styles. Just make sure they are not too wide, or else it will give your thighs even more bulk.

Ladies with thicker thighs can also wear fitted bermuda styles, but only when trying to even out a larger bottom with a smaller top. Fitted shorts with a tunic or flared top will keep your top and bottom well proportioned.

If you have thick thighs: Bermuda shorts give you more coverage while also keeping you cool. This style is longer in the leg that normally stops just above or at the knee, giving you good coverage without feeling too tight or restrictive.

Bermuda styles can easily work with any look. You can have a casual denim or chino style or a more professional suit style that can be worn to work or out on the town. When the weather heats up, get some styles in lightweight fabrics like cotton, linen or silk for maximum breathability.

Plus Size Bermuda Shorts

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus-Size Comfort Waist Bermuda Short.Plus Size Bermuda Shorts 02Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Mia Belted Bermuda Short.Plus Size Bermuda Shorts 03

LEE Women's Plus Size Relaxed-fit Avey Knit-Waist Cargo Bermuda Short.

Plus Size Bermuda Shorts 04Aventura Women's Plus Size Addie V2 Short

Plus Size Bermuda Shorts 05 Jag Jeans Women's Plus-Size WM Ainsley Pull-On Bermuda Short In Bay Twill

Board Shorts

Board shorts are normally medium to knee length shorts that are light and quick drying. They are basically just like men’s swim shorts, mainly bermuda length, but with some short styles.

Most board shorts will also have cargo pockets at the side. You can easily wear them over swimwear at the beach, or wear them out with a tank or t-shirt for a quick sporty-casual look.

Plus Size Board Shorts 01 Maui Women's Plus Size Board Shorts HolySnow Women's Stretch Board ShortPlus Size Board Shorts 03 Plus Size Stretch Board Short Swim BottomPlus Size Board Shorts 04 Kanu Surf Women's Plus-Size Marina Solid Stretch Boardshort

Capri (Long)

Capri length shorts are generally just below the knee to mid-calf. They are essentially between pants and shorts. Just like bermuda shorts, the leg width will depend on how thick or thin your thighs are.

In general, capris are more flattering on ladies with longer legs. If you have shorter legs, the length of capris should stay close to the knee as opposed to the calf. If they are closer to the calf, it will give you a squat look, which actually makes your legs shorter.

Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Cargo Skimmer Capri Pant

Lee Women's Plus Size Relaxed-fit Austyn Knit Waist Capri Pant Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Cargo Capri Pant

Lee Women's Plus Size Relaxed-fit Austyn Knit Waist Capri Pant

Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus Size Modern Collection Denim Skinny Cuffed CapriLee Women's Plus Size Flex Motion Regular Fit 5 Pocket Capri Jean

Cargo Shorts

Shorts with cargo pockets are great for a more casual look, but some styles can add bulk to your thighs.

If the cargo pockets stick out, they will add width to your thighs, if they are flush with the side of the shorts, they will not add bulk, but they will draw the eyes down to the leg, so if you want to divert attention away from the legs, choose plain shorts with more details in your top.

Plus Size Cargo Shorts 01 ellos Women's Plus Size Convertible Cargo ShortsPlus Size Cargo Shorts 02 Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Cargo ShortPlus Size Cargo Shorts 03 Terra & Sky Toasted Brown Plus Size Cargo ShortsPlus Size Cargo Shorts 04 Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Cargo Bermuda Short

Contoured Waist

A contoured waist on shorts is exactly what curvy hourglass women need.

Most hourglass ladies have a smaller waist compared to their hips, and the waistband of pants and shorts will always have an annoying gape. A contoured waist will taper in, which will eliminate the gape at the waist.

Ladies with more of a straight body shape will not benefit from this waistline. Instead, it will cause the hip area to pucker and bunch.

If you have thick thighs: High-waisted shorts are a game-changer for women with thicker thighs. By sitting higher on the waist, they help to define your natural waistline and elongate your legs, creating a flattering silhouette. Look for shorts with a wider cut and a bit of stretch for added comfort and style.

Plus Size Contoured Waist Shorts 01 Allegrace Women's Plus Size Denim Shorts High Waist Folded Hem Pockets JeansPlus Size Contoured Waist Shorts 02 Allegrace Women's Plus Size Denim Shorts High Waist Folded Hem Pockets Jeans BlackPlus Size Contoured Waist Shorts 03 WallFlower Women's Plus-Size Belted Legendary Midthigh ShortsPlus Size Contoured Waist Shorts 04 Lands' End Women's Mid Rise 10 inch Chino Bermuda Shorts


Shorts with a cuff normally look best on ladies with smaller thighs and calves. Although small cuffs will not have a dramatic effect, wider cuffs will have a bigger impact on your body shape balance.

Cuffs draw the eyes down to the legs, but also add bulk wherever the cuffs fall. If you have wider thighs and narrower calves, cuffed capris can help balance out your legs, but if you have thick legs, try to avoid cuff and roll-up styles.

Plus Size Cuffed Shorts 01 Rekucci Curvy Woman Plus Size Slimming 6 Inch Short with CuffPlus Size Cuffed Shorts 02 Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus Size Modern Collection 8Plus Size Cuffed Shorts 03 XinYangNi Women's Plus Sized Cuffed ShortsPlus Size Cuffed Shorts 04 Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Utility Bermuda Short


Culottes are shorts that are made to look like a skirt. They were most popular during the late 1800’s, but have since made a comeback with vintage-loving fashionistas.

Culottes are made wide and flowy like a skirt, but have leg holes like shorts. This makes them the best shorts for thick thighs and women who love skirts, since it helps eliminate the discomfort with thighs rubbing against each other.

When choosing culottes, consider them more like a skirt as opposed to shorts. Thick thighs can be hidden in the folds of knee-length and longer, while short culottes will only add unnecessary bulk to your lower half.

They are a great choice for ladies who are looking to even out a heavier top, but just make sure they are paired with a plain relaxed fit top (nothing that will draw the eyes up).

If you have thick thighs: Culottes are often classified as shorts because they vary in lengths, making them perfect for most body shapes (and heights). They are the wide cut shorts that are perfect for balancing out heavier thighs and giving you a free flowing look. Perfect for a casual, formal or professional look, they generally sit higher on the waist and flare out for a nice clean look.

Plus Size Culotte Shorts 01 Anne Klein Women's Size Plus Cuffed Culotte PantsPlus Size Culotte Shorts 02 Plus Size Women's Gaucho Pants Knit Capri Culottes Lose FitPlus Size Culotte Shorts 03 Anne Klein Women's Size Plus Cuffed CulottesPlus Size Culotte Shorts 04 ZERDOCEAN Women's Plus Size Stretchy Relaxed Lounge Capris with Pockets

Plus Size Culotte Shorts 05

KOJOOIN Women's Plus Size High Waist Bermuda Shorts with Pockets


Cut-off shorts are for the curvy ladies who love to show off their legs. You can find them from ultra-short to mid-length, and they will always have a distressed/frayed look.

Since the frayed edge draws the eye down to the thighs, they are not ideal for anyone looking to balance out a heavy bottom with a smaller top.

Cut-offs look great with cropped tops, tunic tops and flowy tanks.

Plus Size Cut-Off Shorts 01 Silver Jeans Co. Women's Plus Size Curvy Fit Mid Rise ShortsPlus Size Cut-off Shorts 02 HUE Women's Ultra Soft Denim High Waist Cut-off ShortsPlus Size Cut-Off Shorts 03 Style & Co. Women's Plus Size Distressed Raw Hem Denim ShortsPlus Size Cut-Off Shorts 04 Silver Jeans Co. Women's Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts

Flat Front

A flat front style is the most common that you will find for pants and shorts, they have a clean flat look in the front, which is perfect for giving your waistline a clean flat look. The opposite style will have pleats in front, giving pants and shorts a little more bulk in the waist.

Flat front shorts are great for any body shape, especially for ladies who are looking to hide a larger tummy.

If you would like to smooth out a larger tummy, make sure to wear high-waisted flat front shorts, because anything that cuts across the widest part of your waist will instantly create a “muffin top”.

PlusS ize Flat-Front Shorts 01 ellos Women's Plus Size Stretch 5-Pocket ShortsPlus Size Flat-Front Shorts 02 Rekucci Woman's Plus Size Modern Flat Front ShortsPlus Size Flat-Front Shorts 03 Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Mid Rise Belted Jean Bermuda ShortPlus Size Flat-Front Shorts 04 City Chic Women's Plus Size Denim Shorts with Crochet Hem Detail

Fold Over

A fold over style will have the waistband fold down. This is a common style for yoga pants, but there are also linen and chino shorts that will have a fold over waist that will mimic a button-down shirt collar.

If the fold over waist is minimal and stays flat, most women can easily wear it with a tucked in top or with a cropped top.

Wide or bunched fold over shorts are ideal for anyone with a narrow, flat tummy, or anyone wanting to even out a top-heavy body shape.

Plus Size Fold Over Shorts 01


STRETCH IS COMFORT Women's Teamwear Foldover Yoga ShortsPlus Size Fold-Over Shorts 02 Women's Plus Size Stretch Performance High Waist Athletic Booty Shorts


Mid-length shorts will normally fall just above the knee to mid-thigh. They are the most common length for shorts, especially chino and khaki styles. They work well with most body shapes. If you are looking for shorts for big thighs, wearing knee-length styles is recommended.

While mid-length shorts are great for anyone wanting to show off their legs, it’s important to avoid these styles if you have shorter thighs and longer calves, since it will give you a disproportionate look.

Plus Size Mid Length Shorts 01 City Chic Women's Plus Size Short Stripe Away

Plus Size Midlength Shorts 02

Levi's Women's Mid Length ShortsPlus Size Mid-length Shorts 03 Allegrace Plus Size Casual Shorts for Women with DrawstringsPlus Size Mid-Length Shorts 04 Lee Women's Plus Size Regular Fit Chino Bermuda Short

Paper Bag Shorts

Paper bag shorts are a cute style that look great on a curvy figure.

Although they might look like they add extra bulk, they actually highlight a smaller waist, making them perfect for an hourglass body shape. The basic style is high-waisted with excess fabric that gathers at the waist (like a closed paper bag).

Most styles come with a tie or belt at the waist for a neat tucked-in look.

If you have thick thighs: Paperbag waist shorts have a gathered or ruched waistline that draws the eye to the waistline to balance out thicker thighs and smaller waistline (especially when they have a more a-line cut). Pair paperbag styles with a bodysuit or a fitted top to show off your curves.

Alternatively, A-line shorts are fitted at the waist and flare out gently towards the hem, giving you a flattering feminine look. Perfect for women with thicker thighs and a smaller waistline – though a highrise style is also a good choice for anyone wanting to minimize their tummy and thigh areas.

Most fabrics look great with a-line shorts, but if you want a cleaner for professional look, try thicker fabrics that will easily keep their shape.

Plus Size Paper Bag Shorts 01 HDE Plus Size Paper Bag Shorts

Plus Size Paper Bag Shorts 02

Hanna Nikole Women's Plus Size Casual Shorts with PocketsPlus Size Paper Bag Shorts 03 Floerns Women's Plus Size Summer Casual Floral Paper Bag Shorts

Plus Size Paper Bag Shorts 04

RITERA Plus Size Shorts for Women Wide Leg ShortsPlus Size Paper Bag Shorts 05 Nimsruc Women's Plus Size Paper Bag Summer Shorts


Pleated shorts will come in different lengths, but they will all have pleats in the front. You can also find some styles will have peats all around the shorts, which is perfect for anyone wanting to draw the eye to the hips and thighs, especially to balance out a heavy top body shape.

Front pleated shorts are great for ladies who have a small, flat waist and narrower hips. This style adds bulk and attention to these areas, which is not recommended for anyone with thick thighs or larger waistlines.

If you have thick thighs: Pleated shorts feature pleats at the waistline that add texture and dimension to the garment. These shorts offer extra room through the thighs while still maintaining a polished, tailored look. Choose lightweight fabrics like chiffon or crepe for a flowy, feminine feel.


Plus Size Pleated Shorts 01

No products found.

Plus Size Pleated Shorts 02

KIRUNDO Women's Shorts Elastic High Waisted Pleated Shorts with Pockets

Relaxed Shorts/Boyfriend Shorts

Relaxed Fit Shorts: Relaxed fit shorts are perfect for a more laid-back look. They offer a looser, more forgiving fit through the thighs, keeping you comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

Pair them with either a fitted or eye-catching top to balance out your look and create a flattering contrast.

Boyfriend Shorts: Like the relaxed fit, Boyfriend shorts are a loose comfortable style that you will want to wear all the time. They often sit lower on the hips and have plenty of room through the thighs.

Play around with the look by rolling up the cuffs or changing up your top style to dress them up or down.

Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 01
Silver Jeans Co. Women's Plus Size Boyfriend Mid Rise Shorts

Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 02
JAG Jeans Women's Plus Size Alex Mid Rise Boyfriend Short Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 03Lee Women's Plus Size Relaxed Fit Bermuda Short Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 04Lee Women's Plus Size Relaxed-fit Avey Knit-Waist Cargo Bermuda Short Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 05Silver Jeans Co. Women's Plus Size Suki Mid Rise Curvy Fit Short Plus Size Boyfriend Shorts - 06Gboomo Women's Plus Size Rolled Hem Short Jeans


Roll-up shorts are very similar to cuffed styles. Instead of a clean cuff, you will find a rough rolled edge.

Just like cuffed styles, these will add bulk and attention to the area, which is ideal for ladies who are looking to balance out a smaller bottom to a larger top half of the body.

If you have thick thighs: Stretch denim shorts are a wardrobe staple for women with thick thighs. The added stretch gives you the flexibility and comfort that molds to your curves without feeling tight or restrictive.

Perfect for casual t-shirts, light flutter sleeve tops, tanks and even longer tunic styles

Plus Size Rollup Shorts 01

Plus Size Women's Ripped Denim Jean Shorts High Waisted ShortsPlus Size Rollup Shorts 02 Riders by Lee Indigo Women's Plus Size Double Rolled Cuff Denim ShortsPlus Size Rollup Shorts 03 Lee Women's Plus Size Flex-to-go Relaxed Fit Rollup ShortsPlus Size Rollup Shorts 04 Gloria Vanderbilt Women's Plus Size City Short with Rolled Cuff

Short Shorts

Short shorts will generally measure between 3” and 5” in length. They are ideal for ladies who love to show off their legs, though are not the best choice for anyone with thick thighs since they tend to make them look even larger.

Short shorts look great with virtually any top. Pair them with a simple t-shirt, a cropped top to show off a small midriff, or throw on a light flowy tank to show off great shoulders, but also hide a larger tummy area.

Plus Size Short Shorts 01

MakeMeChic Women's Plus Size Elastic Waist Scallop Trim Wide Leg ShortsPlus Size Short Shorts 02 Women's Plus Size Cotton Stretch Booty ShortsPlus Size Short Shorts 03 SOLY HUX Women's Plus Size Stretch Workout, Yoga & Running ShortsPlus Size Short Shorts 04 Milumia Women's Plus Size Striped Athletic Shorts

Plus Size Short Shorts 05COOTRY Women's Plus Size High Waisted Shorts

Sometimes mistaken as micro shorts, there are several differences between the two. Micro shorts will be even shorter in length, with very little to no leg length. Micro shorts will also cut high in the back, showing off the curves of the butt.

Plus Size Short Shorts 06HDE Plus Size Dolphin Shorts for Women Running Workout Short Athletic Bottoms

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