Fashion Inspiration for Spring Weddings

Spring is the season of new life, love, and swapping out heavy winter clothes, for fun flirty ones. The warmer weather and blossoming flowers also bring tons of events like baby showers, engagements, and weddings.

One of the most important outfits that every woman needs in her spring wardrobe is one that works for any number of events, both formal and informal. Get some fashion inspiration for your spring wardrobe with some simple style tips.


Pastels and muted tones are always a popular choice for spring. They are easy to dress up with patterns and accessories to suit any event. If you prefer to wear something bolder, you can always go for colorful floral patterns, or accent a solid color with a bold patterned jacket.


yellow lace dress

teal jersey dress

red belted dress

purple dressy casual dress multi color dress

taupe lace dress

pink polkadot dress

pink open jacket

mauve dress

blue white floral dress black floral dress

floral jacket


And now for the all-important question that so many wedding guests ask…

Can I wear white to a wedding?

The short answer is NO. A guest dressed in white (or cream) is a big faux pas. The one and only time guests are allowed to wear white to a wedding is when the bride and groom specifically request it from their guests.

long beaded white gown

white sleeveless jumpsuit

white lace dress



Spring is the best season to wear light feminine fabrics. Choose clothing made of light cotton, chiffon, jersey, tulle, silk, satin, and Georgette. These fabrics are great for their light, flowy look, and they create a romantic look when worn to special events.

black dress chiffon

chiffon dress and jacket

lapis blue dress

light chiffon dress

lilac chiffon two piece

metalic blue dress

plum chiffon dress

seafoam chiffon dress



From casual to formal, there are many different styles that you can try out for various events. Most party hosts will give their guests an idea of the dress code, but if you ever have any doubt, ask the host for advice, or aim for a cocktail style with a couple of different accessory styles.


Casual Dressy

Casual dressy, also known as business casual, is a versatile look that works well for most occasions. A plain shift dress with heels, and bold accessories can easily work for both day and night. Another option is a pair slacks with a feminine top, eye-catching accessories, and heels.

The key to a casual dressy style is creating a classic sophisticated look with eye-catching accessories.

black white floral dress

yellow floral dress

turquoise lace dress

peach chiffon lace dress

floral short sleeve dress

color block pink dress

blue floral dress

lilac lace sleeve dress



A cocktail style is also known as semi-formal dress code. This is a versatile style that works beautifully for drinks, sophisticated clubs, weddings, and parties of all kinds. The easiest way to pull this look together is by dressing up your little black dress with colorful accessories like a floral jacket, light shawl, or sparkly jewelry.  Cocktail dresses are normally ¾ length, with a dressy look, and you can easily pair it with strappy sandals or a great pair of heels.

mauve cocktail dresspeach chiffon cocktail dress

rose silk cocktail dress

silk chiffon cocktail dress

silver lilac lace cocktail dress

toned floral cocktail dress

turquoise lace cocktail dress

two piece lace dress


To give you more inspiration, take a look at our previous post on cocktail dresses here.


A formal dress code can also be considered as black tie. When attending a formal event, dresses should be long, ankle length or longer. Consider formal attire as a chance for you to really glam it up. Think about an outfit that you would consider wearing to the Oscars.

beaded dress sleeves

sleeveless long dress

monochromatic formal dress

long sequined dress

pink gown cap sleeve beaded dress

beaded mesh gown


If you’re not a fan of long gowns, there is the option of choosing a semi formal dress instead. This style is great for formal occasions, but offers more dress styles.

jacquard dress matching jacket

lavender lace dress

lilac lace dress

long dress beaded top

long sleeve lace dress

metalic dress jacket

purple sleeveless dress

sequined lace jacket dress


Dress Alternatives

Not a fan of dresses? Most people think weddings and special events call for a dress, but there are alternatives like jumpsuits and formal suits that work beautifully for any occasion.

black floral jumpsuit

lace jumpsuit

monochromatic jumpsuit

pink skirt suit

rhinestone jumpsuit

sequined formal jumpsuit

white pant black jacket

wide leg pant and blouse


Spring is a beautiful season that sets the scene for lots of fun events, but it can also be tricky to find the right outfit to ensure you stay comfortable day and night. Always consider where each event will be (indoors or outdoors), and prepare for the unexpected (rain, cold, or even snow!). Weatherproof shoes, and always have a shawl, jacket, poncho, or cardigan handy as an extra layer for warmth.