Leggings V.S. Sweatpants

When it comes to getting into your comfy clothes, there’s only two options – the leggings vs sweatpants debate.

Some women swear by leggings, others sweatpants. But there is still some mystery behind both of these items.

When are leggings better than sweatpants?

How do I style each of them?

Can they still look stylish, or have they had their time in the limelight?

And finally, how can a curvy girl make these work?

Today we’re exploring all of these fashion worries. From now on, you’ll know exactly what to pull out of your drawers for casual Friday.

What’s The Difference?

Let’s start with the basics.

Leggings are essentially thick footless pantyhose. They fit close to the legs and are extremely stretchy. Leggings rose to fame in the 80’s era, but have recently become a staple in the fashionista’s closet again. Because of this, you’ll find them in every color and pattern imaginable.

Sweatpants on the other hand, have a loose fit. Made from thicker fabric like molleton or jersey, they sit on the hips more like pants. They have some stretch, particularly at the waist and ankles if they are cuffed. Similar to leggings, they also emerged during the wacky 80’s and have resurged in recent years. Unlike leggings however, you’ll find them mostly in neutral colors and more of a sports lux style. What’s The Difference 01What’s The Difference 02What’s The Difference 03

When To Wear Leggings

For many of us, we can’t imagine wearing anything else to the gym. The power stretch and enduring nature of leggings makes them perfect for working out.

But how can you make them work as part of your day wear?

Like we’ve said before, leggings are essentially glorified footless pantyhose. Because of this, be sure not to make the faux pas of leaving your derrière exposed! After all, you wouldn’t leave the house in pantyhose without a skirt no matter what your dress size says!

You can wear leggings with anything you might wear pantyhose with.

Ideal for dressed down work days, running errands or even meeting the girls for brunch.

Keep your patterned and bright colors for the gym and yoga. Meanwhile, opaque black, navy or dark brown can look great for every day wear.

When To Wear Leggings 02When To Wear Leggings 01When To Wear Leggings 03



When To Wear Sweatpants

Sweatpants are much harder to pull off outside the gym.

For this, you’ll need to channel your inner Bella Hadid or Kendal Jenner.

More and more, designers are rolling out athleisure style sweatpants with high end designer labels. These are what the It girls of the moment are wearing. Choose styles that are sporty yet stylish, and they are best kept for outside office hours.

When To Wear Sweatpants 01When To Wear Sweatpants 03When To Wear Sweatpants 02

How To Style Leggings For Daywear

Pull your block color leggings together with knee high boots for a chic Fall look. Finish the outfit with an oversized, chunky knit tunic and a satchel bag.

You can also slip a pair of leggings on with simple ballet flats. This combination will elongate your legs while keeping your stems warm. Finish off with a boho, floaty dress or tea dress and you’re good to go!

Buying the correct size of leggings is very important as a plus size beauty.

Too large and you’ll be sporting the dreaded wrinkly knees. Too small and you’ll be pulling them up all day long.

If it’s not too cold and you want to lengthen your legs, opt for cropped versions that finish at the thickest part of your calf.


How To Style Leggings For Daywear-01How To Style Leggings For Daywear 03How To Style Leggings For Daywear 02

How To Style Sweatpants For Daywear

Making sweatpants work for daytime is all about the styling.

Too many sports influences and you’ll look like you’ve come from the gym. Too many fashion pieces and you’ll look sloppy. You need the perfect balance.

Combine your sweatpants with heeled sandals and a tank top. Finish off the look with a fitted sweater and stylish fashion cap for a look even Bella would envy.

While sweatpants should sit low on the hip, love handles can be a problem. If you’re conscious of your love handles, simply choose styles with thick waistbands. Some styles will also come with extended waistbands that can be folded up towards the belly button.


How To Style Sweatpants For Daywear 03How To Style Sweatpants For Daywear-01How To Style Sweatpants For Daywear 02

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