Add a Pop of Color to Celebrate Spring

After a long season of cold weather and having nothing but dull tones in our environment, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to inject lots of color into our wardrobes!

Add pops of bright colors to dark, monochrome or neutral tones. This will instantly add life to your wardrobe and freshen up your overall look. Perfect for celebrating the spring season, so let our spring fashion guide show the way!


Pastel colors are always in fashion for spring. They are soft, feminine, and give a fresh new look to any outfit. Look out for pastel blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, tops, and especially pastel denim!

Pastel Colored Dress

Plus Size pastel pink lace dress

Light Blue Plus Size Jacket

Pink sheer cardiganMint green cardigan

Yellow Jacket


Be Bold with Accent Colors

For something a little more striking, try adding a touch bright bold colors to really make a statement. Try shades of pink, yellow, orange, green and blue with neutral tones.

Orange accent skirt

Light yellow plus size party dress

Mint Green Front

Pink top

Orange Cotton Top

Light blue top


Accessories that Pop

You don’t have to stop at clothing accents, add spring-inspired accessories in bright colors too. Look for accessories that have a nature theme or trendy geometric shapes with dashes of color.

Turquoise earrings

Dior diorette yellow, gold and citrine ring

Colorful rain digital print scarf

Colorful belts

Emilio pucci twist lock cuff

Yellow scale collar necklace

2 thoughts on “Add a Pop of Color to Celebrate Spring

  1. Rehannah says:

    Where is the shopping guide? I love these fashions, I am just not sure where to buy them?

    • Miho says:

      At the moment, we do not have a shopping guide. You can find a lot of similar clothing and accessory styles at Modcloth and Kiyonna.

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