Must Have Fashion and Accessories for Spring

The transition from winter to spring can get a little daunting because the weather is very unpredictable, but if you keep a few key pieces on hand, you can easily make your wardrobe work all season.

Skirts and Dresses

Warmer weather makes it much more comfortable to wear skirts and dresses, without feeling cold or having to wear heavy tights. Time to trade in those heavy bottoms and bring out some fresh colors and patterns for the season!

Polka Dotted Skater Dress

Rose Plus Size Spring Dress

Long Sleeve Orange Dress


Everyone should have a few skirt styles and lengths that work for any weather and occasion. To get a better idea of the number of skirt styles that are out there, check out our post For the Love of Skirts!

Floral Pencil Skirt

Yellow Midi Skirt

Bohemian Outfit


Light Scarves

Spring is a time when the weather is in a transition from cold to warm and there may still be cool days that will require a scarf for added warmth. Keep a few brightly colored scarves around to work with spring outfits and give you those extra warming layers.

Black and White and Pink Scarf

Skull Foil design Scarf


Light Sweater or Cardigan

A light sweater is always a handy fashion item to have. It adds layers to a look, keeps you warm and can often accent colors or details in your outfit. Alternatively, if you are wearing solid colors, a pretty patterned sweater or cardigan can instantly dress it up.

Gray Yellow Floral Cardigan

Pink Cardigan

Purple Sweater


Trench Coat

The classic trench coat is the one that most people love to wear during transition seasons like spring and autumn. The tailored look works well with most outfits and they are especially handy when it’s wet outside. Wear a trench coat with jeans, dress pants, skirts and especially with more tailored dresses.

Khaki Plus Size Single Breasted Trench Coat

Pink Plus Size Ruffle Trim Trench Coat

Navy Blue Trench Coat



A light jacket is one of those versatile fashion items that you can pretty much wear with anything. Denim jackets are always in fashion and can easily work into any outfit. Throw it over a t-shirt, tank, blouse, dress or even a sweater.

Plus Size Jeans Jacket

Moto Jacket

Light Denim Jacket



Put away those chunky winter boots and bring out your cute spring weather boots. Rain boots are definitely helpful when it rains, but when it’s nice out, they just don’t work that well. Ankle boots are a great choice for spring. They work well with pants, skirt and dresses, and they are great at keeping your feet dry. Look for a neutral pair to get the most wear out of them this season.

Leather Ankle Boots


Brown Ankle Boots

Velvet Boots


Ballet Flats

Rather than wear boots all season long, make sure you have a pair or two of comfortable ballet flats for those beautiful dry days. With so many different colors and patterns available, you can instantly dress up a plain outfit.

Floral Ballet Pumps

Neon Leather Ballet Flats

Nature Print Ballet Flat

Floral Ballet Flats





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