A Look at the Hi-low Hem

You are might be wondering what is a high low hem? The hi-low hem (or hi-lo hem) is a fun asymmetrical style that falls short in the front and long in the back.

You can find this hem most commonly on t-shirts, blouses, sweaters, skirts and dresses. Sometimes you’ll see this unique cut on coats and jackets as well.

There is no standard hi-low hem look.

You can have a slight asymmetrical cut where the front is slightly shorter than the back, or you can have a dramatic plunge in the back. You can even find either a rounded hi-low look or a sharp (more pointed) hem.

Since this hem is found on an array of clothing styles, each one will flatter different body shapes.

Find out which clothing item will suit your body shape from this guide.

Dramatic hi-lo tunic top

Hi-Low Tops

Tops with a hi-low hem will come in lengths that vary from cropped to tunic (at or below the hips). The cropped hi-low tops will look great on anyone with a flat tummy and straight or narrow hips.

If you don’t feel comfortable with cropped top styles, these are also a great layering top. Throw it over a longer tank or camisole to create a unique layered look.

Longer tops will work best with wider hips and bottoms. If you are heavier in the bottom, try to find a top that sits in the middle or just below the buttocks. Anything higher or lower will make your bottom look bigger and fuller.

Hi-lo blouse

Hi-lo blouse

Hi-low sleeveless top

Hi-low top

Hi-Low Skirts and Dresses

Just like the tops, the hi-low skirts will also come in a variety of lengths. Most of the skirts you will find will be knee-length or lower, though there are some mini skirts out there with a hi-low hem.

Apple body shapes with beautiful legs can enjoy any skirt length, while anyone with thicker hips should stick to longer styles. Maxi skirts with this hem also work for any body shape. They sway and move with the body beautifully.

Hi-low skirt 2

Hi-lo dress

Black-White pattern neon trim hi-lo dress

Blue hi-lo dress

Hi-lo strapless dress

Hi-low skirt

Hi-Low Jackets and Coats

Most people don’t know there is such a thing as a hi-low jacket or coat, but they are out there!

From light casual jackets to warm wool coats, you can find a lot of cute styles that flatter the body. Most coats and jackets will have structure (or a nice tailored look) and fall mid-thigh down to mid-calf. Most of the styles will flare out from the waist, making hi-low coats and jackets flattering for pretty much every body shape.

Apple shapes will get some definition and curves, while body shapes with wider hips or thicker thighs can even out a heavier bottom with more structure up top.

Hi-low lace jaclet

Hi-lo Jacket

5 thoughts on “A Look at the Hi-low Hem

  1. Michelle says:

    I just absolutely love that blue coat! Where is it from? I would love to have it!

    I’ve never been too impressed with high low, but this article persuaded me. I think all of these are lovely except for the shirts. I own a few high low shirts (purchased without realizing that they were) and I hate how they look tucked in to pants; since there’s more material in the back, it creates bumps on my butt. Not pretty. But I must say the skirts and dresses are great, and that jacket is perfect!

  2. Rayna says:

    I love the white top and blue tie-die like skirt that comes first under the hi-low skirts and dresses heading. But, I’m only 5’2″. My sister said I should avoid hemlines that go up in front and down in back because they make my legs look even shorter. What do you think? Can I get away with it?

    • Miho says:

      Try some hi-low styles that are above the knee and add some heels for a more elongated look. Ladies with shorter legs should stick to skirt and dress styles that are knee-length or higher since they will give the illusion of longer legs.

    • Li says:

      Yeah, I sort of have to agree Hannah. I tried a bubble skirt and it just was awful. I looked a bit like a semi-deflated balloon. At size 18, perhaps that isn’t surprising. But my size 3 daughter didn’t look any better when she tried one. She’s adorable in the skater skirt, me a bit less so – too much bass to use the current vernacular. 🙂

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