Where to Find Junior Plus Size Clothing

Plus size clothing styles for women have come a long way, from the days of endlessly searching in shops that only carried clothes up to a size 12.

Today, it’s easier than ever to find stylish fashion in a wider range of sizes that generally start at size 14.

Many youth clothing brands have also noticed that there is a serious demand for trendy fashion styles for plus size juniors. It’s why many now offer a plus size section that feature many of the same styles as their regular brand.

While some of the brick and mortar shops will have a 14+ section, the majority of the 14+ styles will be found on their official online shop.

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The Difference Between Womens’ Plus Size and Junior Plus Size Clothing

The main difference between regular women’s plus size fashion and junior plus size clothing is the style.

Junior fashion will have trendy youthful styles that are generally geared towards teens. However, there are also many styles that adults can easily pull off.

In general, junior styles will have a slightly different cut to those for women.

The hips and bust areas for women’s styles will have a more generous fit, where juniors may feel a little snug. The best way to find the best fit in junior sizes is to check the size chart for each brand. Just as one brand will have different sizing to another, the same goes for junior plus sizes.

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Where to Buy Plus Size Junior Fashion

Here’s a list of online shops that have a great selection of plus size clothing.

Some of the sites will have a special section for junior fashion, while others will just have a general plus size section. Most of the sites listed are based in the US, but many offer international shipping, so be sure to check their shipping policies:

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Quick Tips for Saving Time When Shopping Online for Junior Fashion

Before checking out what each site offers, take a look at their shipping and return policies. Make sure they ship to your region and have an easy way to return anything that doesn’t work out.

Once that’s clear, check out their size chart to see which size will work best with your body. Remember, every brand will have their own idea of sizes, so always double-check before buying.

6 thoughts on “Where to Find Junior Plus Size Clothing

  1. Jeremy Thompson says:

    It’s convenient to know that if there is the lack of selection and sizing in brick-and-mortar stores, we can check for inventory online. My wife is always having issues with this. There is often little to no range in sizes. Thanks for the list of shops! I’ll be sure to look for more and share this with her.

  2. Hannah Newberry says:

    A very good site that is left off of the list is maurices. I have found that they offer a lot of variety of good quality of clothes for us plus sized gals! Otherwise, this list is very helpful. I wasn’t aware of some of the stores, and will definitely be checking it out! Thank you!

    • Miho says:

      Thank you Hannah! I’ve added Maurices to the list. They do have a great selection of clothing and accessories…. and I think I’ve found some that will have to join my wardrobe 🙂

  3. Liv says:

    Amazing list, thanks so much! I hadn’t heard of fashiontofigure, went over to take a look, and just love it. They have a great holiday section (I’m looking for a dress for xmas parties – any ideas?), and are affordable (always a plus). In fact, that’s something that seems common to a lot of junior size clothing. It’s at a more affordable price point so I can afford to refresh my wardrobe more often.

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