How to Wear Tights

Purple tights

Skirts and dresses are the number one choice for many women during the warm weather months, but what to do when the cool weather hits? Many ladies find autumn/winter is a time to put away all skirts and dresses, and pull out warm pants and leg warmers. Long johns are an option to help keep you warm in the cool weather, but let’s face it, it might be difficult to feel feminine and attractive while wearing long johns.

The solution?

Wear tights. Colorful, beautiful, warm tights.

There is an incredible selection of tights to suit every girl’s style, and they help you keep those pretty skirts and dresses out all year round, no matter how cold it gets outside!

Let Colors Tell the Story

The predominant color for tights dark neutrals like black and gray, but did you know there is a rainbow of colors out there to choose from? While autumn is full of beautiful colors that you can match in your outfits, winter tends to be filled with nothing but black, gray, white, cream and the occasional red. Add a gorgeous pop of color into your winter wardrobe by dressing up dark clothes with brightly colored tights!


Pink tights

Green tights

Blue tights


Be Bold with Patterns

If you want to go one step further with your wardrobe, why not experiment with some fashionable patterned tights? Patterns not only help add color to your outfits, but they also add something fun and playful into the mix.

Floral band tights

Black and White patterned tights

Pink patterned tights

Floral Tights

Black and White striped leggings

Red and White stripe tights


It’s All About the Opacity

Everyone knows about regular sheer tights that come in a standard range of neutral colors, but there are many tights that come in different thicknesses and opacity. Generally, the thicker and warmer tights will be totally solid in color, while lighter materials will look more sheer.

Semi opaque tights

Sheer tights


The Warmest Tights

Most tights will have a nylon, polyester or spandex mix, but there are different types that can keep legs warm, even in the middle of winter. Look for thick wool blends or tights that have a fleece inner layer. Both types keep legs warm and they are breathable fabrics, which is good for the skin.

Color block tights