The Do’s and Don’ts of Nightclub Dresses

It’s club night and everyone is ready to let loose and have some fun. This is the time to dress up in one of your favorite plus size club dresses that make you look sexy and confident.

Even though clubs are normally dark and more forgiving (with any problem areas that you feel you have), it’s still important to pick the right dress for the setting.

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Mesh net dress set

Do Think About Your Size (i.e. Don’t Try to Squeeze Yourself In)

One of the biggest faux pas that many plus size women do, is wear plus size nightclub dresses that are too small. There seems to be this idea that sexy equals tiny and tight, but this only gives you a trashy look. Nothing says sexy and sophisticated more than a well fitting dress.

You normally wouldn’t wear clothing that’s uncomfortably form-fitting, then why torture yourself on a night that’s supposed to be fun?

A general rule of thumb is if you have a lot of trouble putting the clothes on, they shouldn’t be on in the first place. If something fits too tightly, it will only emphasize problem areas.

If you have any flab or cellulite that you would love to cover up, a tight dress will only make them look that much more defined and obvious to the naked eye. The dress then does the exact opposite of what you want it to do!

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Do Try Different Styles

Trying dress styles that you already have and know will look good is always a safe option, but if you already have these styles on hand, why not break out of the box and try something new?

It’s true not all styles will work with every body shape, but trying out new styles will help you experiment with your wardrobe and possibly even find something great, that you would have never expected to look good.

Give it a try the next time you’re out shopping, pick up three styles that you wouldn’t normally try on and see how they look.

Metallic bandage dress

Silver sequined pleated short dress


Don’t Just Go With Whatever Is Trendy

The next faux pas is getting a plus size club dress that’s totally trendy, just because it’s a hot style at the moment.

You may not really like the styles, but you know they’re hot right now, so you get them anyway. This is a big no-no!

Yes, it would be nice to get some trendy styles in your wardrobe, but if they don’t suit your body shape or personality, it will just look wrong. Find styles that make you look incredible, don’t just settle for whatever is in style at that moment, it will only end up being a waste of time and money.

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Do Buy Quality Within Your Means

Always buy the best quality clothing that you can afford. You will have fewer dresses in your wardrobe, but you will have beautiful fashion items that look great and will last much longer than cheap dresses.

Quality clothing feels better on, falls better on the body, and takes a much longer time to wear down. Consider each clothing piece an investment.

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Don’t Buy “Disposable” Dresses

It’s just a waste of money to buy ultra-cheap nightclub dresses that tend to be made with poor quality and materials. They are just a recipe for a bad night.

Not only will you not feel as good in these clothes, you might also spend most of the night worrying about the dress falling to pieces or fiddling around with parts that keep falling or shifting around.

It’s not worth it.

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