Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Rub In Summer

For women the world over, thigh rub is simply the worst. Chafing between the thighs can affect all aspects of daily life. 

From a simple stroll in the park to working out, once the damage is done, it can take days to recover from.

This is why prevention is better than cure.

We’ve compiled everything you need to know about how to prevent it, which products work best and what to do if it all goes wrong.

What Causes Thigh Rub

Thigh rub is caused by the friction of your thighs rubbing together through movement.

It is exacerbated by sweating, which is why it tends to be much worse during the summer months.

Whether your thighs touch a lot or just a little bit, it is one of the most painful experiences. It can lower your self confidence and prohibit you from wanting to get out into the sun too.

The Best Powders

Powder can be a great choice for those who don’t like to feel sweaty or greasy.

The cheapest option is baby powder or talcum powder. Simply apply liberally to the thighs and you’re good to go.

The downside to powders are their lack of staying power. They need to be applied frequently, and application can be messy as well as complicated, even if you are at home.

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The Power Of Deodorant

Applying deodorant to your thighs is a great and inexpensive at home treatment. Whether you prefer the stick or spray versions, just be sure it is a deodorant with antiperspirant qualities.

Cover your thighs well, and you should be kept dry for a few hours.

Like the powder, you will have to apply this throughout the day at intervals.

Unlike the powder, however, deodorant is much more discreet and can easily be popped into your purse for topping up on the go.

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Specific Anti Chafing Products

Of course, there are also specific anti chafing products available.

These come in gel, cream and spray options, and are the products of choice for many athletes.

Many of these products claim to have a one-time daily application but in our experience, this is a little misleading.

While some products are better than others, expect to apply at least twice per day.

There is a bit of a stigma about thigh chafing, and unfortunately the products often aren’t very discreet!

Physical Barriers

A physical barrier between your thighs is the only option that will not fail you at any point during the day. This doesn’t mean you’re confined to jeans and leggings during the heat though.

Try wearing a pair of men’s boxer shorts, or thin cycling shorts underneath your dresses & skirts for a quick fix.

Or, more innovatively you can purchase thigh bands which look like the top part of thigh high stockings.

Available in lacey or solid fabric versions, they stay put with a silicone backing. These are less heavy duty than full shorts and the lacey versions will make you feel ultra sexy.

They look so good, you won’t even mind showing them off!

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What About A Cure?

If all goes pear shaped and you still get thigh rub, the intense pain can be hard to bare. From a few red bumps to full bleeding and cracked skin, it’s not an easy position to be in.

Firstly, clean the area with cold water to reduce redness and irritation.

Next, preferably overnight, apply a soothing balm like virgin coconut oil, and wear clothing with barriers for the next few days until you heal.

Great options are lightweight leggings, tight but long city shorts, or even jeans if you can handle it.

We’ve said it before but we can’t stress it enough – prevention is better than cure!

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