A Scary Guide to Plus Size Halloween Costumes

plus size halloween costumes

Love or hate it, Halloween is nearly here. It’s a great opportunity to get creative and adopt your alter ego for one night. Thankfully, the days when the more “curvy” girl’s options consisted of a plastic mask are long gone. Today there are a multitude of options for plus size Halloween costumes. We’ll dive into a few […]

All You Need to Know to Fit Plus Size Bras Perfectly

Plus Size Bras

In this article we look at everything you need to know to get the best fit for plus size bras. The bra dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. It has been supporting women’s breasts, changing design technology and even influencing the fashion industry since then. Shaping the bust has been important in women’s fashion, from the […]

7 Wardrobe Shopping Tips for Frugal Fashionistas

7 Wardrobe Shopping Tips for Frugal Fashionistas

Anyone who loves fashion knows that simply sticking to a “few staple wardrobe items” is just not going to happen. Refreshing or adding new things to your fashion collection can very quickly add up, and sometimes, the guilt or financial strain creates a negative feeling about your love of fashion. If you are like me, […]

How to Add Statement Pieces to Your Spring Office Wardrobe

spring office wardrobe

Does your office wardrobe feel a little dull? Having a good collection of wardrobe staples is important to cover you for any occasion, but it’s also important to have a few eye-catching pieces that instantly take your look to the next level. Spring is the perfect time to refresh your look and get some fun […]

Fashion Inspiration for Spring Weddings

Spring Wedding Inspiration

Spring is the season of new life, love, and swapping out heavy winter clothes, for fun flirty ones. The warmer weather and blossoming flowers also bring tons of events like baby showers, engagements, and weddings. One of the most important outfits that every woman needs in her spring wardrobe is one that works for any […]