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Apple Body Shape – Plus Size Fashion Tips

apple body shape

The apple body shape is one that has narrower shoulders and hips, with a wide, undefined waistline. This is one of the more frustrating body shapes when it comes to finding properly fitting clothing. This is because most clothing styles are made for narrower waistlines and wider hips. Many women complain that most tops feel tight […]

A Look at Plus Size Swimwear Styles that Flatter Your Body

plus size swimwear cover

Swimwear is essential for any woman, whether she loves to spend time on the beach or not. Ideal for holidays, plus size swimwear is good for a dip in a pool, or a quick trip to a spa. More than just choosing a great color or pattern, there are also many different swimwear styles to choose […]

Inverted Triangle Body Shape – Plus Size Fashion Tips

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Cover

The inverted triangle body shape is a more masculine look, due to the broad shoulders and narrow hips. This body shape will have little definition in the waist and a sharp look as the body narrows down from the shoulders. Many women find this body shape hard to manage when it comes to fashion, since […]

For the Love of Skirts! A Look at Different Types of Skirts

For the Love of Skirts

What makes a woman feel more feminine than wearing a beautiful skirt that perfectly emphasizes her best features? For more than 100 years, designers have been expanding the range of fashion available to women. They’ve transformed the basic skirt into a range of wonderful lengths, textures and styles. To find out more about the various […]