The Best Hairstyles To Flatter A Round Face

Best Hairstyles For Round Faces

A round face can be a sticking point for many women. Curvy or slender, a round face is down to genes, and there isn’t much you can do about it. There are, however, things you can do with your hairstyle to create more balance. In this article we’ll go through the best kind of hairstyles to […]

Everything You Need To Know About Thigh Rub In Summer

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For women the world over, thigh rub is simply the worst. Chafing between the thighs can affect all aspects of daily life.  From a simple stroll in the park to working out, once the damage is done, it can take days to recover from. This is why prevention is better than cure. We’ve compiled everything […]

Choosing A Great Fit For Plus Size Jeans

Plus Size Jeans Cover

Since their beginnings as the original hard labor pants, denim jeans have been everyone’s go-to item. Unfortunately, plus size jeans can be a curvy fashionista’s nightmare. Luckily, a curvy woman can look just as fantastic and fashionable in jeans as a size zero fashion model. You just have to find your perfect pair! Style your jeans […]

Finding The Perfect Plus Size Prom Dress

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Sometimes it’s not easy having a full figure. It’s infinitely harder when you are shopping for the perfect plus size prom dress. Because of that, we wrote the following guide. Read on! Strapless Plus Size Prom Dress Nothing says prom than a classic strapless dress. It can be a hard look to pull off, but done […]

The Hottest Plus Size Maternity Wear For Expecting Mammas

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Pregnancy should be a special time for Mommy and baby. You have enough to worry about getting everything ready, you shouldn’t need to stress about your clothing choices too! To help make the transition from regular to maternity clothes as easy as possible, we’ve compiled our top tips for plus size maternity wear. It might be tempting to […]